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Final Cut Express is a powerful editing application for the Mac. It’s a great step up from iMovie.

But many people struggle with the interface because it’s not intuitive to someone who hasn’t done professional video editing before. In fact, sometimes people look at Final Cut Express the first time, try to figure it out on their own, and then give up in frustration. Does this sound familiar?

Personally, I started in iMovie, then spent a couple years in Final Cut Express, and then moved to Final Cut Pro. With Final Cut Express and Final Cut Pro, the interfaces are so similar that it’s easy to use one if you’re familiar with the other.

Do you want to learn Final Cut Express? If yes, then keep reading…

Final Cut Express Tutorial Basic Level!

Looking for a Final Cut Express tutorial for beginners? Check out my Learn Final Cut Express tutorial.

Start with this basic course. It contains nearly three hours of video training and will show the fundamentals of how to do video editing in Final Cut Express. It will introduce you to the interface, the terms that Final Cut Express uses, and give you practice footage to work with.

Final Cut Express Tutorial – Advanced Level

Once you’ve completed my basic course, you might want to look at my Final Cut Express Level 2 course.

This covers more advanced topics, such as montages, animation, titles, effects, and a lot more. It’s definitely a more advanced Final Cut Express tutorial.

More Final Cut Express Training!

I have some additional helpful tutorials that are free for you to watch. These video tutorials answer common questions I receive about Final Cut Express, as well as provide helpful time-saving tips.

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