Izzy Video 008 – Filters

Episode 08 is very simple, but hopefully answers some of the questions I’ve been getting via email about what types of filters are available. This is certainly not all-encompassing. It’s a simple demo of different filters.

7 thoughts on “Izzy Video 008 – Filters

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  2. Izzy-

    You know I am your biggest fan, and I am learning tons about shooting video. However you also know that I can’t allow the misspelling of one of the greatest cinematographic pieces of my lifetime go without comment…its just O, not Oh. A small thing, I really just wanted an excuse to leave a comment.

    Jacob Jake

  3. Thanks for the higher quality videos, this episode definitely needed it. You have the most beautiful, most gifted models Trinity and Jake there buddy :)

  4. Hey. I’ve seen you’re using Final Cut Pro editing software. Do you have any idea where I could download that from ? Please reply on my email, if you have the time. Thanks thanks thanks.

  5. Paul,

    Hi there!

    Final Cut Pro is not a downloadable application. You must purchase it as part of a package called “Final Cut Studio 2”. You can purchase it from the Apple.com website for about $1,300.

    I hope that helps!

    Thanks for watching Izzy Video!

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