Izzy Video 006 – Fast and Slow Motion

This episode covers several different ways you can use “Fast Motion” and “Slow Motion” in your Digital Video.

It’s no secret that I love hearing everybody’s feedback. Thank you for all the compliments, and I certainly plan on posting many more episodes.

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I’m open to any feedback, or criticisms on how to improve. Please let me know if there’s something I can do to make these better.

17 thoughts on “Izzy Video 006 – Fast and Slow Motion

  1. hi man ,,

    i am intresting to see ur post weekly….so please send some more tutorials relative to video capturing ,,,,i was so glad to see ur posting…its is really awsome man…. also like ur tech’s & tactics…

    so please… i want more….

    thax man,…


  2. Good tutorial – one thing I wasn’t clear on was if the fast/slow motion is done on the camera or in post-processing. Also, the spider web demo was about 200% too long, and wasn’t really clear if it was in slow mo or not!

  3. Jason,

    I agree with you about how long the spider web portion was. I’ve thought about recutting and reposting it again, but I’m focused on future episodes now, so I’l have to leave the flawed version out there.

    Alas, my imperfections are quite public.

    Also, good point about where the slow motion happens. With consumer video cameras, there is no way to do slow motion in the camera — that I’m aware of. It all has to be done in post-production. In Final Cut Pro, it’s pretty simple to change the “Speed” percentage to 60% for example.

    As a general rule, I try to shoot straight video without effects or filters, and then I add the special effects in post production., such as filters, speeds, color correction, etc.

    And yes, the web was in slow motion too. Are you doing some video editing yourself? If so, what software are you using for post-production?

  4. For involved post-processing, I use adobe premier… and I’m not all that good at it yet. I can do simple things like cuts, speed changes, transitions, etc.

    For home movies without much editing i use Pinnacle Studio 9, which has nice DVD menus and can quickly take a project from DV camera to burning DVDs. Plenty of nice transitions, etc as well.

    All of these are PC based. I don’t think final cut pro is available for PC.

  5. Correct. Final Cut Pro is an Apple product only.

    Because I’ve been into video only since I switched to Apple, I have zero experience editing video on a Windows machine. At some point I’m going to talk someone with a powerful Windows box into letting me try these other software packages you’re speaking of. I’m curious to see how similar they are to Final Cut Pro.

    One thing I know for sure — many feature films are edited with Final Cut Pro.

    It’s pretty amazing to me that we can have that kind of capability in the comfort of our own homes.

    Thanks for the feedback, as always, Jason.

  6. Not exactly fast or slow motion, but do you have any tips on reversing video?

    I did a video of my little girl where I “throw” her up to the monkey-bars on a playground. It’s actually reversed where she was hanging, dropped, and I caught her.

    It looks pretty good, but could be done better I’m sure. Reverse will also make a video look “silly”, like the fast motion, but any tips would be appreciated.

  7. You do some great tutorials so I figured you would be the one and only person to come to about this. I love FCP in every way except that when it renders mpe2s for dvd use it always comes out too dark on the tv. Is there a solution? Thanks.

  8. Rosco,

    Thanks for asking about Trinity! She’s doing very well. She hasn’t had a seizure since she started taking her daily medication 9 months ago. Everything seems to be good!

    I appreciate the concern…

  9. hello izzy

    amazing stuff man….keep it coming.. 5 stars for you.

    i just bought a sony DCR-SR72E CAMCORDER.i will give you the link how the camcorder looks like.


    with the technical specifications given do u think i can do the “depth of field” effect with that camcoder. i really liked that effect( focusing on the subject and the rest is blurred).

    and hey where did you get the music for the spider web slowmotion video. amazing music…i need that music in my collection. can u tell me where you got it…

    thanks bye….

  10. Your kids are gorgeous!
    Good video, found your site via TakeZer0.com – your content looks pretty comprehensive! Good luck stepping out with your new venture too :-)

  11. Hi Izzy,

    Man you are awesome. The best I’ve ever seen. You’ve got Lynda and Macpro Video beat.. Thanks for what you do.

    Long story short, I work for a Indie Record Label. We are about to shoot our first music video using the Canon XL series cameras. Do you have anything, or can you demonstrate a short take on how to shoot and edit/sychronize music words to video? If you need a track, I could make you something up (use it as many times as you like) and you have someone lip synch different scenes. Say, a .30 sec clip?

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