16 thoughts on “Izzy Video 018 – Exposure

  1. Another great tutorial, but I’m looking at my Sony TRV140 camcorder, and I don’t have F-Stop, Aperture, or Iris and don’t have Sensitivity (ASA, ISO) settings either… :(

    I do have a way to set the exposure though, and I can see the difference that makes.

    It also has what it calls “Manual Set Program AE”, and has choices for Auto, Spotlight, Portrait, Sports, Beach&Ski, Sunset, and Landscape. I guess these are kind of auto set for these environments.

  2. Israel,

    I really need help on this. I own a Canon GL2 which i am very happy with. However, I am starting up my own wedding videography business and I am having a hard time figuring out the best way to shoot in direct sunlight. I don;t always have control over my subjects especially when I am recording in the sunlight and I am recording guests…I just have to go for it and I can’t really place them where I want. So my question is, what is the best way to get the best exposure and color when I have to shoot paople in bright sunlight without getting too many black shadows on the faces or too light of highlights. Thanks!

  3. this is really great video.can we have another examples of aperture control with diffrent shutter speeds to create more effects? for instance when we shoot sea,we increase or decrease shutter speed…..that would be a great help for all learners…

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