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Kinetic Typography Technique: Emerging Text, Variation 2 – Izzy Video Tutorial #329

Several people have requested I do more Motion videos, so I thought I’d continue my “Kinetic Typography” collection with another addition.

This video demonstrates an animated title technique that you’ve likely seen in television commercials. It’s a popular, high-energy type of effect.

It’s a multi-line title that emerges and slides in from the sides.

This effect is fairly easy to create in Motion 5, and this video demonstrates how to do it.

By the way, I’ve released several other videos that demonstrate kinetic typography techniques. If you want to see them (and you’re an Izzy Video Member), log into the member site and search for “kinetic typography”. You’ll find a bunch there.

Anyway, I hope you find the information helpful!

This full version of this video is for Izzy Video Members. If you’re not already a member, click here to learn about a membership.

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