9 thoughts on “Izzy Video 020 – Cutting

  1. Izzy, great tutorial, I knew some about cut shots, but wasn’t completely sure of the best way to do them.

    Here’s an example I made earlier that uses a bunch of cut shots:

    And the scene I have where the camera goes down the slide after the subject is an example of how I purposely did a cut shot “incorrectly” for the effect.

    (and I hope I made my HTML tag correctly for the link…)

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  3. Izzy,

    You are fabulous. your videos inspire me and most importantly, they teach easy, common sense ideas when shooting. I’ve started to incorporate them into my everyday filming.
    The cutting video is my fav to date. I think it’s a critical aspect of editing and can make the world of difference!

  4. Love the procasts. Love them. I’ve been using all these different tips and tricks in my video. i just entered a film festival here in Florida and use many of your ideas. turned out great just waiting for results of the contest.

    p.s. i would love to see a series on how to make your own procasts. Whether you do or not please don’t stop the procasts. Love them.


  5. I use Final Cut Pro for all my editing. It comes as part of the Final Cut Studio package of applications. It’s available only on the Mac platform, and costs roughly $1,300.

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