• Intro to Motion: July 2018 Session

    by Izzy Hyman 24 Lessons in $69.00

    Welcome to my “Intro to Motion: July 2018” training session! If you’re looking to get up and running with the basics of using Apple’s excellent motion graphics application called Motion, this is a great way to get started. It contains a series of training videos, along with three different online workshops where we’ll work through […]

  • Color Correction in Final Cut Pro X

    by Izzy Hyman 22 Lessons in $59.00

    In this course we’ll explore the many color correction tools in Final Cut Pro X. We’ll take a look at things such as: color wheels, color curves, video scopes, primary and secondary corrections, and a whole lot more. This stuff is a lot of fun, and color correction can certainly have a huge impact on […]

  • Intro to Final Cut Pro X: April 2018 Session

    by Izzy Hyman 38 Lessons in $99.00

    This hybrid training includes a blend of three different elements: The 36 training videos and practice media from my Basic Final Cut Pro X tutorial (normally $49 by itself). Two live online workshop training sessions. Access to a Slack Channel for further Q&A and discussion. This is an excellent option for getting up and running […]

  • Quick Dive: Make a Custom Final Cut Pro X Transition with Motion

    by Izzy Hyman 16 Lessons in $50.00

    This tutorial shows you how to build a custom Final Cut Pro X transition from scratch, using Motion. The training is just over an hour long and contains 16 videos. We’ll go step-by-step through an actual transition project, covering important concepts along the way, such as: How to make your transition adjustable in the FCPX […]

  • Multicam in Final Cut Pro X

    by Izzy Hyman 23 Lessons in $49.00

    Now Available! Welcome to my "Multicam in Final Cut Pro X" training! What is "multicam"? When you capture video of the same thing from multiple camera angles, you can create a special kind of clip in Final Cut Pro X called a "multicam clip", and then cut back and forth between the different angles. It's […]