Izzy Video 004 – Camera Angle


This video tutorial demonstrates how to use “Camera Angle” when shooting digital video, especially when your subject is a child. Your imagery can improve dramatically with this one tip.

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Thanks, by the way, to everyone who has been sending me email. I’ve received very positive feedback, and I’m glad to hear that so many people find these tutorials helpful. I have many, many more episodes planned, so please stay subscribed for plenty of new material in the future.

13 thoughts on “Izzy Video 004 – Camera Angle

  1. Izzy –

    Man, I love your tips and tutorials. Great stuff. I’m trying to download the latest show, but LibSyn is having its’ usual problems. PLEASE keep ’em coming.

    Is there a direct iTunes link or your site, or any info on how to subscribe?

    You have a beautiful and incredibly cooperative family. Congrats.

    Looking forward to seeing “Camera Angle” –

    – dK

  2. Dan,

    I was shocked when I saw your comment, because one of the first podcasts I heard many months ago was yours. I remember it was about “Inspector Gadget.” Your son sounds intelligent beyond his years.

    When I was looking for books to buy on podcasting, yours still wasn’t yet released.

    Basically, you’re a podcasting celebrity — and my knowledge of your work’s quality enhances your compliments.

    Thanks for the suggestions for the iTunes link. I added one, as requested. Also, I put a link to the RSS feed on the blog as well.

    And yes, I have many, many more episodes to come. I’ve got some ideas . . . and some of them will be extra good, I think.

    Again, thanks for the positive feedback.

    – Izzy

  3. hey Izzy! Awesome podcast- i’m not sure how I stumbled on it, but it’s been a godsend.
    I’m a music producer/engineer in Carlsbad CA., and while i’ve done a ton of music and post stuff, I’ve never jumped into the visual world.

    That’s all changing with a new show that I’m producing in studio, It’s live music concert with doc style footage combined to make an indy show similar to “VH1 story tellers” .
    Anyhow, your tutorials have been a great jumping off point to at least be able to communicate with the video side of this adventure.
    I’t’s also helping me with my home movie skills! ( have a ten month old girl at home that just LOVES the red light on the cam! )
    What cam are you shooting with btw? what frame rate, and do you shoot much at 24p?
    thanks and keep it coming!

    craig Zarkos

  4. G’day Izzy from Australia!

    Thanks so much for your time that you put into your tutorials, I’m sure that many people, not just myself appreciates your work!

    Keep it up!


  5. Hi! I stumbled upon your website when I googled 3 point lighing. I wanted to watch all your videos to learn more about the art of camera work. I absolutely love your work and appreciate all the time and effort you put into your videos. Thank you for breaking down all the elements of filming and making them easy to understand.

    For some reason, the link to “camera angle” isn’t working for me. I tried opening it in different browsers without success. I don’t know if others are having this problem, but I thought you would like to be informed with any possible problems with this site.

    Thanks again,

  6. sir,
    first time i shown these vedio from web searching. Also these video is like me. These web site is tutor for some tricks in video editings.this is super website like all webste seaching.

  7. Hello,dear friend ,I am just studying how to use the camera angle , and your video helps me a lot .

    I will looking forward to your next tutorial.

    Thank you very much .

    Robin from All Pop Star

  8. Izzy,
    I just started viewing your videos. I started at one and have moved up from there. Many of the vidoes stop around half way and go straight to the advertisement cutting off the rest of your video’s. I have to reload and replay several more times before I get to see the whole video without the interuption. What is the problem? Is it my computer or ;your video setup?

  9. Doug,

    I’m not sure why that’s happening. Thanks for letting me know. When I play them on my system, they work just fine, but it’s difficult to know if it’s universal or local.

    Please continue to try…

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