A Bit More 3D in Motion – Izzy Video #343

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This video demonstrates a couple small things you can do to add a bit more of a 3D effect to your 3D text in Motion.

There are plenty of other things you can do as well, but I hope these tips make a difference for you.

14 thoughts on “A Bit More 3D in Motion – Izzy Video #343

    1. Sure thing, Carl!

      I love Motion, so I like making tutorials for it — though I really need to find out what percentage of my subscribers have it.

      I suppose I should just ask. :)

      1. Go ahead…ask…if you do, I’ll tell you that I pore over each move you make to burn it into my fingertips. Thanks for this one. Seems like it is an elemental piece, a foundation for a lot more sophisticated pieces.

  1. Is there a way in Motion in 2D to have a background and then (as an example) a heart shape cut a hole in the background and fill the hole with a picture. Then move the fill picture around and resize inside the heart cut-out. The background is 1920×1080. The hole cutter(matte) is 1280×600 and the fill picture is 3000×2000.

  2. Hi Izzy, Just to let you know I have Motion and would like to get better at using it. So more Motion 5 tutorials would be good.

  3. I really like and appreciate these short videos.
    I love Motion but don’t have the need to use it often enough, so am perpetually a beginner.
    Your beautifully done videos act as a refresher course and are invaluable.
    Many thanks.

  4. Excellent. You have a genuine (and all too rare) talent for creating ‘How-to’ explanations for those of us who are novices at all of this. I am all too often frustrated by instructions that skip over what “everybody knows” — the missing steps leaving me behind, lost and annoyed. There is a fine line between thorough and pedantic — which you always seem able to recognize and respect. On behalf of we who are ignorant but not stupid: Bravo!

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