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Izzy Video 040 – Background Basics


This video tutorial demonstrates different techniques for dealing with backgrounds in video. As it happens, this one is all outdoors. I plan on doing indoor backgrounds in a future Izzy Video.

This is another one that’s for members only.

As always, thanks for watching!

9 thoughts on “Izzy Video 040 – Background Basics

  1. Hi Izzy

    I just got hooked onto your podcasting and really like what you are doing for our community. I have a question about episode 18 on Exposure. I have a Sony PD-150 and can’t seem to lock in the sensitivity with my camera. I’ve read over the manual BUT it doesn’t have anything about locking the camera in on a certain sensitivity.

    thanks so much for your help.

  2. Another great tip Thanks. Since seeing you plugged on torrent/Call for help. I have been going through all your vids. I have discovered alot of tips to make my videos better.

    One thing I would like to see more of is when you setup your shots and are using a scrim, lights etc. It would be cool to see a quick panout of the shot to see how they are posistioned.

    Example of what I mean would be like from this video. When you mentioned using a scrim. A quick shot showing the scrim in place would be cool.

    Looking forward to more tips. Thanks

  3. Great show! Good tips showed in a very simple manner. It will definately help me improve my video skills!


  4. What a good looking boy you have. And he is very good in front of the camera. Looks like he is very cooperately too…

  5. first. great podcast.
    amerature now publishing underwater video to dvd. looking to go small screen. can not find much info on the technical aspects of small screen (optimum frame rate, settings for h.246, what is the best compressor, audio settings, etc. i have spend an hour looking on the web and at amazon and can find loads on audio podcasts, but the stuff on the vid side is mostly about rs feeds, etc. i typically use after effects, premiere pro, final cut pro, etc. i have looked at some other folks casts, and they seem to use 320×240 x 30fps, 44k stereo audio, and h.264, but can’t get much beyond that.

    all help appreciated

  6. I just tried to view podcast 40 and think someone has hi-jacked your video. It shows a video of “Happy Slip”. I was apprehensive to clicking on it. It has your voice, but not your video.

  7. Hi Again – I reloaded and it is coming in correctly now.

  8. great podcast and really useful tips. like it

  9. […] And unfortunately, they tend to be a normal part of video. You can control depth of field and make distracting backgrounds […]

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