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All new Izzy Video 53 is now up and ready for download.

It feels good to be producing again.

Izzy Video is back!

One thought on “All new Izzy Video 53 is now up and ready for download.

  1. Hi Izzy,

    Good Stuff. I shot commercials and industrials as a D.P. in tape and film years ago in Orange County, CA. The axiom was, “Television is a close up medium.” So I guess that makes an iPod, “An extreme C.U. medium”. Very good comments about the small screen.

    1. Fill the screen with the subject, take out anything not related to your message.
    2. Wide shots don’t relate to the small screen.

    What ever you are shooting with equipment wise, it is a very clean image. Or you have figured out the right balance of image size, compression and format. Almost no videos I have seen on my iPod look as clean as yours. This is no small compliment.

    Rant: I “hate” compression, coming from a film background, muddy blacks, artifacts, lost resolution and the like. Your image didn’t have any of it. I’m going to look at it on my TV now. The “acid” test. ;^)

    I see you’re Posting on Revver too! I hope you do see some revenue from it!

    Keep up the great work!


    Dave McMurray

    B.A. Film, California State Univ. Long Beach 1988

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