Now available: My New Basic Motion Course

basic Motion course

I’m thrilled to announce that my new basic Motion course is now available.

If you want to get up and running with Motion, this is a great way to learn the basics.

Click here to learn more about the basic Motion course!

The course is over 3.5 hours long and contains 26 videos. As you go through the course, you’ll complete three different projects from scratch.

And I designed the projects to cover the basics of Motion.

Anyway, I hope you love it.

Go take a look if you haven’t already.

How to Customize Colors in Final Cut Pro X Templates and Themes

Some people use Final Cut Pro X templates as they are. Other people like to customize them like crazy and really make them “their own”.

For example, sometimes we need to change the colors. Maybe we need the color to match a logo, or maybe we need the colors to better match the mood of the video.

Whatever the reason, we need to have control over the colors in a template. Sometimes that can be a simple thing, and sometimes it can be pretty complex. It depends on the way the template is structured.

In this video, I demonstrate how you can customize colors in templates.

Use Motion 5 to Create Animated Highlights on Text

When you’re including text in your video, you have a lot of options for how to show it.

This video demonstrates one technique you might want to try. It works well if you have a voiceover that’s reading from a letter. You can include the letter and then show an animated highlight over part of the text.

I use Motion 5 to demonstrate this technique.

Make a map with an animated line in Motion 5

Want to know how to draw an animated line on a map to show a path of travel? These are great for vacation videos or documentaries where you need to show where people visited.

You can easily do this in Motion 5, and this video shows an example of how you might do it.

You’ll see things like:

  • Where to get a map that you can use
  • How to animate a line on the map
  • How to move the camera to give the project additional visual interest

Personally I think this mini project is great example of how you might use Motion in your videos. It’s simple to make motion graphics projects like this and then add them to your videos in Final Cut Pro X, or wherever.

By the way, the membership library contains plenty of Motion videos like this one.

Anyway, I hope you find this video helpful.

Kinetic Typography: Swinging Text in Motion 5

Here is another video that demonstrates “kinetic typography” in Motion 5.

In this one, I show a way you can create a swinging text effect. This is where text swings into place.

You can watch the video for the specific steps, but the basic workflow goes like this:

  1. Add the text
  2. Adjust the anchor point of the text
  3. Add an oscillate parameter behavior to the rotation
  4. Keyframe the oscillate behavior so it decreases over time
  5. Adjust the offset so the text starts in an up position

In the end, you’ll have text that swings into place.

This is another interesting way you can move text in Motion 5.

I hope you find this “kinetic typography” video helpful.