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The funniest Final Cut tutorial I’ve ever seen!

I saw this last night and couldn’t stop laughing. If you edit on Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Express, take a moment to watch this “tutorial” where the host does EVERYTHING wrong (intentionally). Make sure you watch it all the way to the end.

FCP Quick Tips – episode #183 from Rob Imbs on Vimeo.

Hilarious! Rob is brilliant.

* Found via Pro Video Coalition.

23 Responses to “The funniest Final Cut tutorial I’ve ever seen!”

  1. BigGuy says on :

    Is animation the best? ……………….. Only joking excellent video brightened up a rainy day in the UK

  2. IzzyVideo says on :

    I know! I loved that part!

    I don’t usually post these kinds of things on my website, but I couldn’t resist. :)

  3. Knelson10 says on :

    Really enjoyed this video. Laughter is good for one’s health!

  4. Luís Sequeira says on :

    Thanks for a great laugh!

  5. Sejackson45 says on :

    Pretty Funny stuff.

  6. Antonio_navaja says on :

    You think this guy wasn’t joking??

  7. IzzyVideo says on :

    He was definitely joking! :)

  8. welltvi says on :

    Haha, thats realy funny. Thank you Izzy.
    Best from Austria, Hubert

  9. Marcelo Pereira says on :


  10. QueenGeek says on :

    I love the comment about going to Arby’s….too funny!! A great find.

  11. Asdf says on :

    great tutorial

  12. AV Artisan says on :

    “How to edit everything ever in 3 minutes!” hahaha and generally just check every checkbox you ever see! OMG this was so painfully funny!

  13. Jonny Morris says on :

    I like the part “Where is Render . . . . Where is Render . . . Oh there it is.” Thanks for the laugh.

  14. Randy Cantrell says on :

    “If there’s a check box, check it. That’s pretty much what I do.” As the Guinness guys say, “Brilliant!”

  15. Leslie Samuel says on :

    Dude, this was the Best video to start my weekend with. Just finished doing a very stressful project in FCE, and this lightened my mood. Thanks for the laughter right before the crazy weekend :D

  16. CSPAN7 says on :

    Man, I’ve been doing everything wrong! Thanks!

  17. Sliderbri says on :

    What do you mean “the host does everything wrong intentionally?” This is my exact workflow!
    Well, sometimes I get Wendy’s instead.

  18. Convexity123 says on :

    Luv it!

  19. Damon says on :

    wow hes definitely been to an opposite college before.

  20. Stephen says on :

    Awesome! Thank you for adding some brevity to my day. Very Funny!

  21. Videostar30 says on :

    Very funny. Can’t stop laughing.

  22. Bp_nuku says on :

    I wonder if this guy can fix the bad smell coming out of my kitchen sink – reverse it at least???

  23. Greg says on :

    After working with my new copy of Final Cut Express for a whole day, I’ve seen enough software glitches to make an equally elaborate movie jokingly demonstrating Apple’s quality assurance. Their strength is OS and foundation development. Application development clearly isn’t. 90% bug-free is “good enough” for Apple.