Recommendation for Entry-Level Lighting Kit

If you’re looking for an entry-level lighting kit, I recommend looking into the Lowel DV Creator 55 Kit. Although I’ve never personally used this exact kit, it has several great lights. I own multiple Lowel lights and they’re effective and durable.

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    If you’re strapped for cash, I have fixtures that are ~$15 per light. ACDelco makes a clamp light that doesn’t use friction knuckles to hold the light to the clamp. They last forever. GE makes a softwhite “CFL” spiral flourescent light that screws right into normal fixtures. These run cooler than just about anything else other than LED’s…I’ve even had my Assistant Director stand behind a door and hold one with his bare hands to get the right rimlight on a shot. There are also barndoor patterns out on the net for adding to them. has patterns and instructions for building them (and for converting worklights to flourescents). On the ACDelcos, rivet/screw the bracket to the face of the reflector so the doors can swing freely. I spray painted the whole assemblies flat black (high heat grill interior paint if you’re not using flourescents or leds). They look quite pro :) Barndoors ended up ~$5-7 per light.

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