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Power User Tips: Using the Command Editor – Izzy Video #333

I’ve started a new “Power User Tips” video series for members, and this new video is the first installment in the series.

In the video I demonstrate one of the most important aspects to becoming a Final Cut Pro X Power User (in my opinion), and that is setting up your own custom keyboard shortcuts.

You’ll see in this video how to do that.

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I hope you find the information helpful!

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Coming Tomorrow: My new Basic Final Cut Pro X course!

I’m very excited to announce that my new Basic Final Cut Pro X course is coming tomorrow!

I still have a lot of work to do, but it should be ready for you tomorrow.

There will be two versions of the course:

  1. The free version where you can watch the training videos online.
  2. The paid version where you can optionally download the training videos along with practice media so you can follow along using the same media I use in the training videos.

This course consists of 36 videos, totaling a little over 2.5 hours of training.

Three Bonuses!

I love piling on the awesome when I launch new courses, and this time I’ve decided to include three bonuses.

You’ll get these bonuses free when you purchase my new course during the launch period.

Bonus #1

A mini-course that specifically covers many of the new changes in the 10.3 update of Final Cut Pro X ($20 value). This mini-course is approximately 30 minutes long and includes 11 videos.

If you want a quick introduction to many of the new features in the 10.3 update, I think you’ll like this mini-course.

Bonus #2

Five pieces of royalty-free music ($20 value). This is a collection of five pieces of music that you’re free to use in your projects royalty-free. It includes four piano pieces and one orchestral string piece.

We video creators know that you can never have too much royalty-free music in your library.

Bonus #3

A live one hour webinar with me where we’ll talk about media management and Final Cut Pro X ($20 value). I’ll schedule this toward the end of November and if you can’t attend live, I’ll send you a recording so you can watch later.

The price

I’ve almost settled on a price, so I’ll have that info for you tomorrow. But I can say this for sure: If you’ve already purchased my Basic Final Cut Pro X course in the past, or if you’re an Izzy Video Member, I’ll have an extra discount for you that’s deeper than the regular launch discount.

As you can imagine, I’m really excited to get this course into your hands (so to speak). I love training on Final Cut Pro X, and I really appreciate all the positive feedback I get from so many people!

Okay, I need to get back to work. There’s still lots to do before tomorrow’s launch!

Stay tuned… :)

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New 10.3 Version of Final Cut Pro X! (and Motion, and Compressor)

New Final Cut Pro X version 10.3

Yesterday Apple released a new version of Final Cut Pro X. I’ve been digging into it since the moment it got released, and I really like it.

It’s only been one day, so I have plenty more to explore.

But here’s what is clear so far: It has a bunch of useful new features!

And of course I’m planning to cover them once I’ve had a chance to spend some quality time using them.

By the way, Motion and Compressor were also updated.

I should also mention that I’m going to be creating all new courses. These new updates are big enough to justify the effort. For example the interface changed dramatically.

My plan is to start by creating a new Basic Final Cut Pro X course, so you can watch for that one first.

I’ll keep you up-to-date as I make progress.

I get energized by useful updates. I have to say…These are some exciting times for media makers like us!

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A Tip for Adding Music to Your Videos – Izzy Video #332

Today I published Izzy Video episode #332 (on the 11 year anniversary for when I published episode #1).

In this one I share a tip for adding music to your videos.

Once I started thinking of music this way, it helped me get better results from the videos that included music in the background.

You’ll see why when you watch it.

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I hope you find the information helpful!

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Final Cut Pro X Tip: Video Frame Rates – Izzy Video #331

I’ve received several questions about frame rates in Final Cut Pro X, so this video reviews some fundamentals.

It demonstrates how to identify frame rates for video clips and how to set the frame rate for a project (both automatically and manually).

The video also demonstrates how to fix the problem of editing a whole project only to realize afterwards that it’s the wrong frame rate. You can’t change a project’s frame rate once it has clips in it, so what can you do? This video answers that.

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I hope you find the information helpful!