17 Point “Quality Video Assurance” Checklist

Izzy with camera

The satisfaction that comes from completing a video project is nothing short of delightful.

It’s a great feeling, but it might be a little premature.

When you think your project is done, it’s a good time to check a few things just to make sure your video does what you intended.

If you want to maximize the quality of your project, here is a checklist of things to consider before you decide you’re done (in no particular order):

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Tips for High-Quality Facebook Video

Facebook image
Facebook video is likely a growing priority for you.

And that could be a smart thing. The Facebook video platform is getting better, and there’s no doubt that there’s a large audience on Facebook.

Lately I’ve been uploading more videos to Facebook. Because of that, I thought I’d share a few tips I’ve learned both by experience and by research. My goal here is to help you make Facebook video that gets viewed, liked, and commented.

Let’s get the technical stuff out of the way first…
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Five Steps to a Better Montage

mind reader guesses your first video was a montage

I’m going to try something I’ve never done before. I’m going to try to read your mind right now.

Ready for this?

Here we go…

Think back to the first video you ever edited. Do you remember it? Take a moment to picture it in your mind…

Okay, here’s the mind-reading part.

I’m going to try to tell you exactly what your first video was…


It was…

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