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My Video Camera is Broken

It’s frustrating. Over the weekend I spent several hours shooting footage for the next Izzy Video, only to have the tape eaten by my aging camera.

It has been a good camera, the Canon GL2. It’s hard to watch it die, but I’ve had it for over two years. I’m surprised it has lasted this long, considering how much I use it. Now I have to find a Canon service center to see if I can get it repaired. It’s the first time I’m sending it in for repair.

If it’s expensive, I might just get a new camera.

Anyway, I’ll likely be doing screencasts over the next few weeks while I wait for my camera to return repaired. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please be patient. Izzy Video will return as soon as possible!

10 Responses to “My Video Camera is Broken”

  1. laikos says on :

    I’m so sorry to hear that. Hope that the repair will be faster and cost less. I’m big time izzyvideo fan club

  2. Luis Guzman says on :

    Gracias Israel por tus videotutoriales. Lamento mucho lo de tu videocamara.

  3. Israel says on :

    Thank you for the well-wishing!

  4. Lee Andrew says on :

    Funny you should say that, the tape I recorded that video on that I sent you, got eaten up too, the 3rd tape in 2 months.

    I would so like a new camera, but can’t afford one right now. So I kinda know what you are going through.

  5. Courtenay says on :


    I know that you have probably answered this question many times over; However, what software (for the mac) do you use for your screencasting?



  6. Andrew says on :

    What kind of tapes? I’ve had my GL2 eat TDK and Fuji, but both Sony and Panasonic have been perfect.

    Sorry about your troubles though.

  7. Israel says on :


    The software I use to record screencasts is called Snapz Pro X by Ambrosia Software. The $70 version lets your record movies of your screen, and then I just import the movie files into Final Cut Pro.

    By the way, Courtenay, it was nice meeting you at the Expo, even though our conversation was brief.

    Thank you for the kind words!


  8. Monte Raynor says on :

    what type of cmaera are you considering if you can’t repair your old one. I currently have a HC-1 which I like but will probably Ebay for the new sony 3ccd HD camera.
    I am interestd in your thoughts on HDV and what your next camera might be.
    Thanks and I love your podcast. I would like to see more on editing, however.

  9. Robert Courtemanche says on :

    What software do you use to record your screencasts?

  10. Faka says on :

    Didn’t get to read this on time though. Just got me my first camera after months of planning and saving. It’s a GL2.
    I have seen that you use a GL2 on one of the vidcasts anyway, further attestation to how good the GL2 is (if Izzy can use it). But now that it’s broken, after 2 years, I’m worried about the fate of mine. What can I do (or shouldn’t do) to extend it’s life span?