Izzy Video Ideas, Episode 3: Speaking Video

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People ask me for ideas on how they can make money with video.

It’s both an easy to question to answer and a difficult one. It’s easy because there are many, many ways to earn money using video.

But it’s also difficult because there are so many ways.

In this new installment of Izzy Video Ideas, I share a strategy that I personally think more people should try. It’s a little out-of-the-ordinary, but I’m a fan of the method.

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  1. Marc says

    Izzy…these are great comments and great direction for someone just starting out. One of the best comments in this episode is noting the concept of taking risk. But I think risk in this case means stretching yourself to combine technical understanding and story telling. If you are fairly new to production it may amaze you how much experience you can gain by creating for the sake of experiment. The byproduct of this is that you also build a portfolio that you can show to potential clients. This is how I ended up working with a non-profit group with their annual fundraising drive. Frankly I don’t make much from this client, but the exposure is helping me attract some attention that (hopefully) will develop into more work. 

    BTW…your Final Cut Pro 7 tutorials were also instrumental for me as well as your great tutorials. Knowledge truly is an advantage. One must continue to learn…perhaps another piece of advice.


  2. says

    Izzy, I love the phrase you coined “speaking video”. Indeed video literacy is going to rise as the tools and software essentially give you the equivalent of having your own Industrial Light & Magic studio in a very affordable box. Love your new podcast. Bite size chunks of inspiration.

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