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Final Cut Pro 6 Tutorial – 7 Hours of Free Videos!

Final Cut Pro is professional video editing software for the Mac. It comes as part of Final Cut Studio, along with a suite of powerful applications that give you amazing control over your video. You can edit a wide variety of different video projects using Final Cut Pro, including feature films.

If you’re new to video editing, you might find Final Cut Pro challenging at first. However, with a little training and practice, you’ll start to feel right at home.

By the way, if you’re already familiar with Final Cut Express, you’ll notice right away how similar Final Cut Pro is.

Introduction to Final Cut Pro

This is a complete basic Final Cut Pro tutorial. It will help you become comfortable with the interface and a lot more. It contains more than 7 hours of Final Cut Pro training. And it’s free.

* I use Final Cut Pro version 6 in these videos, but most of the training will apply to Final Cut Pro 7 as well.

Chapter One: Overview of Final Cut Pro

Chapter Two: Editing in Final Cut Pro

Chapter Three: An In-Depth Look

Chapter Four: Log and Capture Video

Chapter Five: Color Correction

Chapter Six: How to Manage Your Media

Chapter Seven: Output Your Video

Chapter Eight: Advanced Editing

Chapter Nine: Customize Final Cut Pro to Meet Your Needs

Chapter Ten: Important Techniques to Squeeze In

IMPORTANT! — To view these videos, you will need the most recent version of Quicktime. Apple releases new versions of Quicktime frequently, so please take a moment to visit and download the most recent version (or at least verify the one you have on your computer is already up-to-date).