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Izzy Video 030 – Film Look


When I first got started in Digital Video, I spent a lot of time researching on the internet, trying to figure out how to make my video look more like film. This video tutorial should be a good resource for those of you with the same goal.

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20 thoughts on “Izzy Video 030 – Film Look

  1. Perfect! Thats what I always wanted know how to make my scenes look like film even with an HD camcorder! Sad that one can never really achieve that, but with the tips & tricks & filters you’ve shown us, I think the result can look a lot better and nearly like film. I have also used a jib (how do you spell it correct?), and that also adds to the effect!

    Keep up that great work!

  2. Great tips Izzy, the film look is the holy grail for most DV folks, and this podcast helped out a lot.

  3. I disagree. Video can look like film. It’s a comparison. Yes, video cannot look as film. Plus, the majority of viewers don’t have eyes trained well enough to see major differences between film and video.

    Some cameras can achieve 24fps framerate, progressive.

    Magic bullet is key:

    As for the lighting, I actually prefer natural/available light to excessive ‘studio’ lighting. Looks more realistic to me. Afterall, the acting the goes on in storytelling through films and such is all about believability; thus the light could also strive for this. [Granted there are unrealistic films]

  4. I was wondering what some of your thoughts were about some cameras built in “film look” features especially in the canon gl2 which is called “framed”.

  5. Great Stuff izzy! Thanks for another great episode!

  6. Hola que tal, Mi nombre es Cristopher Jasso creo que la labor que realizas es muy buena, me has ayudado mucho y he aprendido (lo que logro entender jajajaja)

    De verdad muchas felicidades…

    Hello, what´s up, My name is Cristopher Jasso i think abaut your work is really good, you help me so much and i try learn all abaut your podcast

    Really, Congratulations

    thank´s a lot

    ups sorry for my bad english, if you can, maybe put subtitles in spanish fantastic

  7. The GL2 does a ‘fake’ film look technique. Apparently it shoots 29.97 progressive fps. Remember, film is 23.97.

    Some people like the frame mode. Some people hate it. Personally, I don’t feel very positive about it. I hear it is very difficult to sync with other cameras. Or even footage shoot in 60i on the GL2 itself. I’ve also heard that it’s not perfect in all situations. Some are better than others.

    Personally, I love the 24PA in the DVX100. Nearly flawless. I notice pictures shot in 24PA actually look better to my eyes than those shot in 60i. There is some technical speculation that the camera can actually record better images due to the fact that it’s capturing only 24 frames, as opposed to 60 interlaced frames.

    Personally, I’d stay away from the GL2, as it’s an old model and likely to soon be replaced.

  8. Great job, another informative episode. Again, I like the way that you show the contrast of with and without filters, etc. Actually I think you had a episode where you used the split screen to show the difference in the same scene on the left and right side of the screen. That’s more illustrative of what you’re trying to show.

    I’ve been using the Panasonic DVX100 (they have some newer versions now) and their 24P mode works pretty good and does a decent job at the “movie” look.

    Thank you for continuing to spread your knowledge!

  9. Nice Tip …

    and a nice Filter ….

    anyway its a great work …

    A Request …

    can the next episode of izzy video be about Movies Lighitning and Special Effects … Please .?


  10. The episodes just keep getting better and better. Thier very helpful. In everyway.

    Keep them comming.

    Will you ever do your Podcast in HD. Or show a little about HD video editing.

  11. Great site Izzy, I check it all the time, I can’t find any dvd or vhs Lighting tutorials, so you are a God Send!

    Thanks So much for what you provide. Can you talk more about home made lighting that can be used (utility lights etc) or talk about what the best starter kit is, and perhaps show us what your lights look like when you have them set up to show us the alignment and proximity to the subject, keep up the good work, you have inspired me to start a site! as soon as I get the lighting down I’m going to film it, I am a ER R.N. and I want to produce some health tips for some viewing audience somewhere.
    Tim Pierce

  12. Hi mr Izzy
    I downloaded the number 30 tutorial it’s very nice
    can you tell me exactly which Natress
    you used on the girl and boy in the tutorial
    there are many Natress plugs

  13. Lorenzo,

    I believe the set of filters is simply called “Film Effects.”

    Any of the Natress film filters should look great, though!

    Good luck!


  14. Thanks for answering
    P.S. You are very funny, you are very comic with your faces

  15. Izzy,

    I teach film studies and digital video aesthetics at a university in Wisconsin. What you are doing with these lessons is invaluable; I recommend your webpage to all of my students. It is a tremendous resource, and offering your lessons the way you do allows for a wider dessimation of knowledge that will only result in more artists finding new means of self-expression (or even the courage to try). Thank you for sharing your experiences!

  16. Thanks so much for your good intention for teaching an amature videographer like me….
    I really really appreciate it, we still hoping that you will continue to share your God given talent…
    Godbless you and your family.

  17. thanks for sharing your God given talent…

  18. hi,

    nice explainations but i think there still are major things missing – for example:

    ..motion blur
    it’s a lot stronger in film material – even with video that almost got me fooled, it’s usually once objects or people are in motion that i’m like “oh, it’s video after all”. a great product to enhance the motion blur of video so that it is closer to film is reelsmart motion blur =>
    unfortunately, even with that motions still don’t look quite right. or maybe i still have to figure out the right settings – haven’t used it on a lot of footage yet.

    film grain is different from video grain. there’s a book which name i don’t remember where it’s discussed how to integrate video footage in a movie shot on film. one of the major points mentioned is first trying to remove as much of the video noise as possible and then adding film grain.

    still… even with all that it still looks wrong. and i’m convinced it’s not just the dynamic range. maybe i’ll give magic bullet a try…

  19. thanks a lot for your tips. do you know the new canon xf 300 ? is it really better than a sony ex1r about the resolution of the picture ?
    thanks a lot for your answer
    best regards

  20. […] there are other things that create “the film look” with video — think lighting, color, and composition — but if you control the depth of field, […]

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