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A Quick Update

Well, if you’re reading this at the website, and not in an RSS reader, then you’ve already noticed that has a new look. My goal was to feature the most recent video at the top of the site, so newcomers will immediately understand that they can watch videos here. Also, all the archived episodes are now listed in the sidebar for easy access.

Although I received several compliments for the photo used in the previous masthead, it was only decoration and didn’t really communicate anything — especially regarding video. What does a guy sitting on a chessboard have to do with video? Nothing.

Also, this is still a video podcast, and I will continue to release new installments of Izzy Video, but I will also be posting them to Revver, because I actually think the quality, although flash-based, is not bad at all. In my opinion, Quicktime still reigns from a quality standpoint, but Revver does a pretty good job converting to Flash.

Yes, I’m still here, and yes I intend to release more installments of the Izzy Video Podcast. Please be patient, because I’m busier than ever, and I’ve had to increase my hours at work (yes, I have a day job unrelated to video – podcasting and video are hobbies of mine). Something had to give. For the short term, I’m spending less time podcasting.

Finally, I’ll ask that you please stay subscribed to the podcast, and please continue to tell others about the show. If nothing else, there are 52 tutorials freely available, and although new content is slow to release, the old content still has value.

That’s all for now. I hope you’re all doing well. I’ll update again before too long.

6 thoughts on “A Quick Update

  1. Hi Izzy!
    I think that a guy sitting in a chessboard has nothing to do with video, but That picture was a very good one, and photography has a lot to do with video! Anyway, we’ve seen it so many times that it’s carved in our memories, so I don’t complain for the change you did, it looks really nice!


  2. That was a great video!…Love the Revver video player….Even though it’s a tease trailer…I can’t wait to see when you show us how to use the blurr effect…I like the layout of your previous website with you in the sitting in the giant chess set with the video content below.

  3. Welcome to Revver, Iz! You know you can choose to embed a QuickTime file as well on Revver? Click on “Grab code” on the video page and then use the dropdown menu to choose your format. Email us at with any questions or feedback. Cheers!

  4. Thanks for letting us know what is up with the site. We just started re-watching all 50 episodes from the begining. I hope that Revver starts a channel around tutorial podcasts. There are lots of them out there but you and Don MacAlister really are so very good.


  5. Izzy, why not publish some DVDs containing your 52 podcasts?? I have found them immensely useful and I’m sure others would too.

  6. Great site makeover. Way to keep it fresh. Embedding the video as a Flash object is very smart for sharing plus Revver appears to have a compelling revenue sharing program. The CSS and widget are eye candy on a Mac. I’ve subscribed to you now in iTunes, and have watched five episodes now of your informative and entertaining video instruction. I second Rob’s idea–could be another revenue stream; if that interests you, you might start with:,, and How to Publish and Sell Your Own DVD in 2 hours (

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